About me


Chief Design Officer, 2017+

Spotto is asset search made simple. As the Chief Design Officer, I have the privilege of working across the business and with our end users to design digital product that allows various personas to setup Spotto and find their stuff.

With a change in business strategy in Q1 2019, we rebuilt the entire product from the ground up which included establishing all new design systems and a modular, component based approach to our web applications.


UI/UX designer, 2017

A collaboration across the business with the development team to uplift the end-to-end mobile user experience/journey. The end product resulted in substantial year on year sales conversion of over 0.5% and similar improvements to Redii (another BRG subsidiary).  

Sense Medical

Chief Design Officer, 2015–2016

Working with Sense Medical, I provided Product and Visual Design expertise for their medical task management app ‘Cortex’ for iPhone and iPad. Cortex is embedded in various hospital workflows throughout New Zealand and has already contributed to a 20% reduction in length of stay and 12.5% reduction in readmission.


Marketing designer, 2015–2016

At Karbon I focused on marketing design tasks including the website, event materials and other marketing collateral. Karbon sought to improve the work lives of accountants through better communication tools so everyone was on the same page, including their clients. Inspired by fashion and objects of desire, we wanted to make accountants feel revered with great product experience and a brand that understood them well.


Marketing designer, 2013–2014

Xero is beautiful accounting software for small businesses. During my time as Marketing Designer at Xero I was charged with designing core parts of the user journey, collaborating with writers, data analysts and other designers to drive traffic and customer conversion. Key projects included redesigning xero.com which had over 1 million monthly visits, and video education web product ‘Xero TV.’