Big Red Group
Product Designer
RedBalloon is Australia's most trusted brand for experience gifting.
A holistic review and collaboration across the business with the to uplift the end-to-end mobile user journey and conversion rate. The end product resulted in substantial year on year mobile sales conversion of over 0.5%.

Sitting with different business units like customer care, observing user journey flows and listening to customer calls highlighted the most opportunities for overall improvement.
RedBalloon ecommerce website merchandising

In designing my concepts for the RedBalloon ecommerce website, I wanted to elevate the user experience with immersive editorialised content that felt closer to a magazine than an aggregated shop front.

All pages featured reusable components that not only made the development process easier but helped create a more cohesive experience site wide.

RedBalloon website navigation

Performance and UX issues meant the business had to absorb the cost of support calls to resolve issues that didn't need to exist if certain points of the user journey were addressed. In redesigning things like the navigation, I made it easier for customers to progress through the flow much faster than before — with fewer 'gotchas.'

RedBalloon consumer checkout