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Karbon provides a collaborative platform for accounting firms to manage workflows, communicate with teams and deliver exceptional client work.


At Karbon, our goal was to improve the work lives of accountants with great team communication software so everyone was on the same page, including their clients. Taking cues from high end software, fashion and objects of desire, we aimed to synthesise a brand that made accountants feel revered.

Event design

One of the ways we brought in new customers was through online events. These required event marketing pages, sign up and so on. Rather than the stock-standard event page most of us are familiar with — I wanted to make this experience feel a bit special too. At the end of the registration flow, attendees would receive a virtual on screen ticket. Valuable? Perhaps not — but I wanted to create a moment of joy no matter how small.

Content is king

I recognised that we had a challenge on our hands when it came to boosting our profile in the market on such a lean budget. Utilising Google Search is great for that, so I developed a content programme called Karbon Editions which was to be a framework for regular articles that anyone could discover. Good, well designed content was key in our drive to scale and attract even more accounting firms to join Karbon.


Like most startups, we had a very lean budget. Because of this I had to get crafty when it came to executing new pages and creating new imagery. I developed my own light box using the office Thunderbolt Displays — something I'm still quite proud of considering I did it for less than $20 of material costs. Zing!