J Bank, Product and Web Designer

J Bank
Product + Web Designer

Better Business
—by Design

Hey I'm J, a Product Design and 'no-code' Web Developer helping businesses thrive with great experiences that deliver results.


User experience underpins the success of a project and is understanding the way people behave and their fundamental needs.


Design is executing on the learnings of UX into highly effective, intuitive and beautiful product experiences.


I build websites on Webflow, the industry leader in ‘no-code’ website development.

Hey! I'm J.

I'm J (short for Jeremy), a New Zealand born and raised – now Sydney-based – Product Designer and 'no-code' Website Developer. Glad to have you here.

Underpinning my work 
is an acute awareness for the experience of people interacting with designs, business impacts and the broader effects of a project after implementation. While I refer to myself as a Product Designer, I believe that there is and should be a lot of crossover in the discipline of design. Whenever possible, I like to understand the wider business landscape to inform my work – plus I just find interesting!

In additional to my work as a designer, I am a passionate techno DJ. I began to pursue DJing as a hobby during covid and started playing professionally in Sydney in 2022, much to the displeasure of my neighbours from time to time.

In the future I hope to explore the domains of sustainability, health technology, ethical AI and digital experiences for live events.


Vanessa Lennon – Glider Pay, Chief Marketing Officer:

"Jeremy was a delight to work with — understood the brief, clarified information as needed, delivered on-time and on-budget, and importantly delivered a high quality final design that has helped elevate the Glider brand.

The redesign has been positively received by the Glider executive team and board, along with our key partners. And early indications show improved engagement metrics."


Increase Engaged Sessions


Increase Engagement Time


Increase Sessions Per User.

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