Spotto is a lightweight indoor asset tracking solution that has everything you need to track your things indoors.


Spotto Pty Ltd


Product & Brand Designer



The problem

Organisations like hospitals struggle to find their assets when they're needed. This problem results in wasted time locating equipment, and in some cases over-spending on the equipment that could've be found. Spotto reduces asset search time with technology that automatically records equipment location so anyone can find what they need right from their phone or PC.


We decided to build an entirely web-based platform which meant no software to install on the customer side. This avoided situations where IT teams would be wary of rolling out a new solution because of the support and maintenance burden.

The intention when designing Spotto was to create a tracking system that wouldn't feel scary and technical, but familiar and lightweight — not dissimilar to using Google. With a user base that ranged from tech novice, to very technical, it was important to build a user interface that didn't overwhelm.