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Spotto is a suite of tools that reduces the time it takes to locate your equipment, see what's near and what's missing.




Product + Brand Designer




Organisations have a shared problem — misplacing equipment and wasting valuable time finding what they need. Spotto reduces asset search time with technology like Bluetooth, RFID and GPS enabling anyone in an organisation to find what they need fast.


The main objective was to design a system that's so simple and intuitive that anyone can set it up and find what they need, eliminating the requirement for dedicated installers or technicians to maintain the system.

Not dissimilar to Apple Find My and Airtags, Spotto is thoughtfully designed to be user friendly and avoid intimidating users with settings and technical jargon. We just want people to find what they're after so they can get on with their jobs.

As Simple as Possible but no Simpler

The core job of Spotto is to surface location information as quickly as possible with no fuss. When people can find what they need, they can get back to more important tasks. Technical language has been avoided as much as possible and only the most pertinent information is visible to most personas. The search box is the most used part of the system – connecting users to asset details in just a few seconds.

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