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Xero provides the tools people need to build their business — beautifully.


With the support of a fantastic team I worked on modernising large sections of the Xero customer journey — with a particular focus on high traffic sections, as well as new education initiatives like Xero TV. I designed many of the pieces of the journey at the time, including navigation elements, art direction for feature sections and photo compositing.

Designing for scale

During my time at Xero, the business was fairly new in the US and UK markets which meant we had to be sensitive to the nuances of those local markets. This was a great experience overall, and taught me some great lessons on messaging, how audiences respond to certain imagery and some of the finer aspects of user testing and feedback.

Art direction

For someone pretty much straight out of uni, I'm super grateful for the creative freedom afforded to me by our Design Lead, Dan Newman. Over-caffeinated and full of ideas, I tried to push my comfort zone by experimenting with photo art direction and staging. Working with a Wellington photographer, we shot a fantastic series of imagery that we used for high traffic pages and campaigns. I wanted Xero product images to have a distinctive flair that people could associate with Xero — which was a pretty edgy brand in New Zealand in 2013.